We need to have a talk about your cold calling…



Entrepreneurs, what’s happening? Yeaaaah, time to talk about the sales elephant in the room: cold calling. Frankly a lot people hate making them and even more people hate receiving them.  Basically you are just calling someone out of the blue and randomly asking them to buy something from you.  But still, I know why you do them. Sure in a perfect world you would set up shop for your new small business and people would already know about it and would be calling you off the hook to purchase what your selling. Sadly that is hardly ever the case. You have to get the word out and want to get sales and cold calling is a cheap effective means to do it (as long as you are following the FTC guidelines of course). But how do you shake the perception of being an annoying and unwelcomed inconvenience? Jeffrey J Fox, writer of the book, HOW TO BECOME A RAINMAKER says you should do away with your cold calling and use a daily point system for sales.  Mr. Fox believes that cold calling is an indication that the salesman is poor as qualifying leads, getting appointments and is just plain bad planning.  As a former gatekeeper once upon a time long long ago to a managing owner of an operation, I can agree pretty much no cold calls got through me to my boss.  I mean you might as well not even of bothered to call if your uneducated question asked is “can I speak to whoever the manager or decision maker is”. You mean you don’t even know who is in charge but you want their business? Good luck, because you are getting put on the ” I’ll have him give you a call list” that he is never getting to, because it doesn’t exist. Worse yet if they wasted all their time pitching a sale to me when I had absolutely no buying authority.

Now Jeffrey J Fox states there are  4 parts of a sale and should assign points for each as followed:

1. Getting a lead (1 point)

2. Getting an appointment (2 points)

3. Meeting the decision maker (3 points)

4. Getting the commitment to a close (4 points)

He goes on to say as a salesperson you should strive to get at least 4 points a day in any combination. Following this system should help you effectively increase your selling abilities and reduce your need to blindly shoot in the dark and hope for a sale with your previous cold calling ways.  For more basic selling tips I recommend picking  up a copy of his book, it’s an easy read and straight to the point.


How to Become a Rainmaker: The Rules for Getting and Keeping Customers and Clients (May 17, 2000) by Jeffrey J. Fox    

Publisher: Hyperion