About Us

The Company

ACK Promotional, LLC was formed with a very simple concept; create marketing for small business owners that is personalized and accountable for bringing in new revenue while achieving excellent Return On Investment. Although the concept may seem simple, many marketers and business owners currently do not follow this notion and attempt to follow the formulas set by large corporations for marketing. The problem with this tactic is that big corporate marketing is only suitable for big corporations.  ACK Promotional realizes that your small to mid-sized business is structured differently with different goals and therefore its advertising and promotions should reflect accordingly.  If you wear a size 9 shoe you should not try to run a marathon in a size 13 shoe because you saw someone else wearing that size. ACK Promotional, LLC helps clientele determine what promotional products and marketing campaigns best suites them to drive sales or funding in the most cost effective way. Our method of determining your promotional needs is done openly and welcoming of requests and concerns so you come away with a sense of ease during and after doing business with us. This is a comfort you cannot get with some companies “representatives”.

Mission Statement

“To cost effectively provide quality promotional products & services in an easy and customer-friendly way”


The Products & Services

Promotional Products

We have the same advantages of many major promotional product distributors without losing the unique personable customer service we provide to clientele. This allows us to give the best of both worlds to our clients.

BRO Strategizing TM  

Creates customer acquisition using cost effective direct response marketing coincided with brand building techniques working in unison together to create immediate front end sales while prepping for back end sales simultaneously.

  • Direct Response Marketing
    • Direct Mail
    • Email
    • Sales Copywriting
  • Promotional Products


Michael Ackendorf is the  president of ACK PROMOTIONAL, LLC and provides a hands on approach to operating the company.  He attained his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration (Marketing/Management) from the University of South Florida and has spent years honing his craft. His business wherewithal was molded while working under the tutelage of small business entrepreneurs, freelance marketers, and fortune 500 corporate leaders. His experience, diversified skill set, and personality is instrumental in helping ACK PROMOTIONAL, LLC and its clientele ascend to new heights of potential. He authors the ACK PROMOTIONAL NEWS blog/newsletter along with being the writer, producer and host of the video blog ACK PROMOTIONAL TV, for which he created to deliver a straight forward approach to providing and examining marketing information which can be utilized for the masses.