Branding and New Business


Can you believe that some large companies have a problem with their brand becoming too well known and talked about? Trust me it apparently is a true problem. A genericised brand or trademark for a specific company or product name is used so commonly to describe any similar product and is no longer distinctive. Some examples of such products are Aspirin, elevator, and heroin….yes heroin was a trademark once owned by Bayer AG according to Wikipedia.
But before all you small business owners start running out and trying to get people to stop spreading your brand let us calm down and realize this is not a small business problem, heck it is barely a large corporation problem.

For us regular small business owners the last problem we have to concern about is our brand name being used too much. We usually want to get our business name out in the open as much as often as possible, to the right people of course. Because there is no point in wasting marketing dollars advertising to people who would never do business with you anyways. One key way to promote your brand name is through using advertising specialties (AKA promotional products) with your company name, logo, and contact information printed on them. According to Larry Basinait in the Global Advertising Specialty Impressions Study V.4, on average when consumers were asked how likely they were to do business with an advertiser they hadn’t previously done business with after receiving a promotional product , over one-third (36% ) said they were more likely to do business with them in the future.
The top ten products to help create new business were as followed:

1. Outerwear
2. Bags
3. USB/flash drives
4. Shirts
5. Drinkware
6. Calendars
7. Writing Instruments
8. Caps/headwear
9.Desk/Office acc
10. Health and Safety


new business

Global Advertising Specialty Impressions Study, V.4
By Larry Basinait

Now if your a businessman more on the same level as me and not Adobe who I guess are so big the name of the product “Photoshop” could potentially be “genericised “, then the potential of using these promotional products to create 36% more business from returning customers seems to be a great idea.