Stop Doing These Advertising Blunders NOW!

stop Marketing is a form of art. Many long hours must be put into research to carefully consider what your target market is in order to achieve maximum potential. One must take into consideration the demographics, psychological patterns and behaviors of a target market before attempting to begin advertising.  When putting together your copywriting for a direct mail campaign it is a must to do your homework and plan meticulously or you might end up with a mess of a mailing campaign. You cannot just go writing anything in a sales letter or brochures and expect people to coming running through your company’s doors throwing money at you. Renowned marketing guru and author Dan S Kennedy acknowledges a few pitfalls many entrepreneurs make in his book No BS Direct Marketing that I have found quite helpful when preparing any type of sales piece to present to potential consumers in a target market. One technique he specifically states to avoid is advertising facts and being too professional as opposed to writing based on emotion.  Sure you might be proud of all the specific technical details that come together in order to make your product or service work but the customer doesn’t care.  Could you imagine Coca-Cola running an advertisement stating the ingredients and manufacturing process it takes to make their drink? Heck no, if they did it’d probably scare people off (phosphoric acid doesn’t sound too appetizing does it?) People don’t care, they just want to know it tastes good. Also make sure your writing comes across as how you would speak to a person if they were here in person face to face, you don’t want your copywriting to come across sounding like a stereo manual. Mr. Kennedy also does not think it is wise to be timid or plain about discussing what you have to offer. Many business owners think what they offer is too boring to be exciting and present an unenthusiastic approach to advertising or they think they’re target market are too sophisticated to be reeled in by direct marketing techniques. One should always show bold and proud of their product/service no matter what industry. Another mistake made he states is not creating a reason to respond immediately to your advertisement.  Don’t leave it  up to them to decide when they should come around to buy your product or service, instead create an immediate demand and desire to purchase. If you do not, even if the potential customer may consider buying they will put it off, and put it off some more, and then probably forget about it all together.  Specifically put in writing you want them to call or visit your store/website NOW. Personally I believe adding an extra incentive is an excellent way to entice a client to make an action to call. For instance, add a premium to the offer. an offer of a  promotional product with purchase with a deadline will give more of a reason to purchase  and will cause them to react immediately because the offer is expiring. Now of course their are many other specific techniques to create a call to action that I am not going to get into, but if you would like to pick up a copy of Dan S Kennedy’s No BS Direct Marketing I highly recommend it. You can also browse he many other books and products at his website
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-Michael Ackendorf



Michael Ackendorf   President of ACK Promotional, LLC


Michael Ackendorf is president of ACK PROMOTIONAL, LLC ; an advertising specialties company whose mission is to cost effectively provide small business owners quality promotional products & services in an easy and customer-friendly way. ACK PROMOTIONAL, LLC looks for direct marketing channels to work in tandem with branding methods to produce front end sales while at the same time increasing the likelihood of backend sales. Michael has worked under small business entrepreneurs, freelance marketers, and fortune 500 corporate leaders. His experience, diversified skill set, and personality is instrumental in helping ACK PROMOTIONAL, LLC and its clientele ascend to new heights of potential. He authors the ACK PROMOTIONAL NEWS blog/newsletter along with being the writer, producer and host of the video blog ACK PROMOTIONAL TV.


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